Asian Markets

MVP helps its clients build a market or market share in India and Southeast Asia. Our India and Southeast Asia focused sales and marketing teams can research markets, help devise strategies and make direct sales on your behalf in specific categories.

MVP can create, promote and seat regional specific webcasts, workshops, events and training on your behalf. We can create targeted contact lead lists, sell event seats and sponsorships, create and distribute press releases, generate media attention through placement of articles and create and distribute region-specific marketing materials and custom research (all in several languages).

And when it comes time to set up your own operations in India or Southeast Asia, we’re there for you. We help our clients make the right off-shoring decisions starting from choosing the right location to construction, hiring & office start-up.

Offshore locations

The MVP research team performs extensive research into offshore location options on the basis of your unique requirements. We provide you with recommendations based on a comparative analysis of factors including risk, costs, talent availability, environmental factors, taxation, trends, personnel safety etc. Our research team helps you to understand the current and future advantages and disadvantages of shortlisted locations. The team creates a current and forward-looking analysis on the basis of a range of scenarios relevant to your plans and the location(s) under consideration.

Setting up your operations

Where talent is concerned, MVP sources and helps recruit and hire the skilled workforce you need. MVP can also help onboard, train, manage and retain your team on an ongoing basis.