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My Virtual Partner (MVP) was created to support organizations that sell and market into the HR, Talent and Human Capital Management industry.

MVP offers its clients a unique competitive advantage. Our deep domain knowledge, experience and reach in the HR, Talent and Human Capital Management industry allows us to help you accelerate your presence, growth and sales to the industry. We become an extension of your team – acting as true partners in every sense.

We prefer to engage clients through category-exclusive, long-term agreements. Once MVP has formed a partnership in a category, that category is strictly un-available to direct competitors. This allows us to act as true partners, building lasting relationships for the long-term that will generate exceptional ROI for our clients.


How Can we Promise Exceptional ROI?

MVP operates an On-shore/Off-shore Services Model. You work with local experts who in turn supervise trained HR and talent management industry teams offshore. This allows us to put maximum resources with expert quality control on your projects at genuinely low prices

MVP offers a safe and affordable way to put important work in the hands of skilled managers and professionals – without adding to your fixed costs. For a small fraction of what you would pay for equivalent talent in North America or Europe, you can access individual skilled workers or teams of hard-working, highly educated and experienced professionals dedicated to your success. We help your business succeed by providing critical services with high quality and low costs.

Unlike most other outsourced services organizations, our philosophy is to truly understand your business and work with you, as a partner, to achieve results that will lead to better branding for your organization and more sales. For that reason, our teams are split between North America and India. Our account managers are highly experienced and accomplished HR and Talent Management professionals, all of whom reside in North America. They are on call to support your business and to make sure that your team in India understands your needs and delivers on time, to your specifications – every time.

Strategically, there is another important reason to use MVP. Breaking into new global markets is a challenge for many organizations in the HR and Talent Management industry, yet a whole world awaits your knowledge, services and products.

By establishing a project support team with MVP, you not only create a powerful competitive advantage by lowering your costs and accessing top industry talent, you also gain a foothold in India and Southeast Asia, an economic region encompassing half the world’s population, the world’s second largest combined economy and the world’s fastest growing markets.  MVP offers you a safe and gradual approach to explore these important markets through our India and Southeast Asia Sales and Marketing teams. Whether the time is now or at some point in the future, we can help you develop markets and/or deliver your products or services to the fastest growing markets in the world. And when the time comes to establish your own operations in India and/or Southeast Asia, we’re there to assist every step of the way, from geographical research, office start-up, hiring and training.