Lead Generation and Database Management

Allan SchweyerData Mining

The ongoing rapid growth of data available online due to the growing Web and the widespread use of databases has created a greater need and opportunity for data mining. But data does not make any sense until it is classified and converted into meaningful categories ready for marketing initiatives. 

MVP helps its clients to acquire contacts, prospects and leads through its data mining services. MVP provides high quality data mining and information retrieval services. We have highly skilled professionals for effective deep web access capable of handling a wide variety of customized data mining processes. We have data mining expertise and tools to deliver a steady flow of high quality and accurate sales leads and prospects in any industry. 

Competition calls for timely and sophisticated analysis of data. We mine and analyze data from different perspectives and summarize it into actionable lists – information that helps our clients to conduct targeted marketing campaigns which in turn will allow their businesses to grow.

Database Management

MVP not only mines your data, we also manage it for you on secure servers. From categorization architecture to email sends, response management and sales lead qualification.

We subscribe to the world’s best data mining tools and databases and we are expert in finding contacts through the web. Our data miners will build your contact database quickly, into thousands of qualified leads. We verify mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers and we grow your database to your specifications.

We give you full and secure Web access to your database at all times.