What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Now

Exchange rates and the recession have changed the outsourcing calculus

China: More Welcoming Than Ever to Small Companies

Higher labor costs and slumping demand put pressure on Chinese factories

India: Not Just for Back-Office Work

India tackles complex tasks, including those in the medical and legal fields

Costa Rica: Cultural Similarities Make It An Outsourcing Favorite

Just a few time zones away, managing an outsourcer in Costa Rica can be relatively easy

Vietnam: The China of 25 Years Ago?

Vietnam is emerging as a manufacturing center for entrepreneurs willing to brave an emerging nation

US: Manufacturing at home

With investments in equipment, US manufacturers are newly competitive

Using the Web for Short-Term Outsourcing

Whether it's specialized work or drudgery you need done, these fast-growing go-betweens prove handy. Just don't forget your due diligence

Resources for Finding an Outsourcer

A number of Web sites can help you find a manufacturer

Outsourcing Advice from the Pros

Consultants that specialize in helping small companies outsource reveal the secrets to building a good outsourcing relationship

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