Revolutionary New Service Launches in USA and India


MyVirtualPartner (MVP) to serve entrepreneurs and SMBs by combining the benefits of local outsourcing with the cost savings of offshoring. Rye Brook, NY June 3, 2010

MyVirtualPartner, LLC (MVP) today announced its official launch in the United States and India.

After operating in quiet mode and serving a limited number of clients since October, 2009, MVP is now ready to extend its proven global services model for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout North America.

“In these tight times it is more important than ever for small and mid-sized businesses to be able to reap the same cost benefits their billion-dollar counterparts have been enjoying for decades through offshoring.” Says Allan Schweyer, CEO of MVP. “But entrepreneurs and small business leaders usually run into big problems when attempting to establish and maintain offshore services or development centers.”

With operations both in North America and India, MVP’s model is unique and perfectly adapted to SMBs. MVP’s North America based account managers work closely with clients to learn their operations, goals and culture. They hire and train overseas teams precisely to their clients’ needs. By combining the benefits of local account managers with highly productive, well-trained teams in India, MVP delivers its clients savings of between 30-60 percent on processes that were previously performed in house in North America.

“All of this is highly cost-effective. Our clients see significant savings very quickly with no compromise in quality.” Says Raman Singh, COO of MVP.

MVP offers a range of services, including its trademarked Interactive Thought Leadership Marketing™ programs, Custom Research & Surveys, Advanced Spreadsheet & Database Design, Graphic Design, Web Portal Development and Sales Prospecting & Data Mining.

Visit for more information or call 866-MVP-2907

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